Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

There is a link at the bottom of the Login section “Lost your password?” Click on it and follow the instructions. You will be asked for your email address and receive an email with further instructions. This is the only way to reset your password.  The office staff does not have access to your password, so please use this self-help method.

Select the My Account page tab. Click on “Change Password.” Fill in the requested information. Click on “Save Changes.”

Mail: Child Sponsorship Office, PO Box 36, Morton, IL 61550


Phone: (309)266-6080.  Our staff is composed of volunteers and there are some days and times that no one is in the office. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you within a few days.

Accessing the Website

Select the My Account tab. Find Logout. Click on the arrow. You are now logged out.

The system utilizes industry standard security and password protection to ensure your confidential information is kept confidential.

As a returning sponsor, you will log in with your email address and the password that you created previously.

As a current sponsor, but not registered, you will register when you click on the “HERE” link.  You will enter the email address you have on file with the Child Sponsorship office and your Sponsor ID #. If you do not know your Sponsor ID #, check for it on a recent receipt or contact the office. The next time you access this website, you will log in.

As a new sponsor, you will select a child or school that you are interested in sponsoring by clicking on “Here” and viewing the available sponsorships. Make your selection and click “Sponsor” to review your selection and monthly support amount. Clicking on “Proceed to Checkout” will take you to the Your Sponsorship Page where you will enter your contact information and create a password. The next time you access this website, you will log in with your email address and the password that you created.

Navigating the Website

You will navigate from page to page by clicking on links.

Links could be colored or colored and underlined. After you log in, you will be on the My Account page. Click on your name link. That will take you to the Your Sponsor Info page.

You can also navigate to another page by clicking on a box that contains a link. For example, clicking on the “Sponsor” box under the child’s picture will take you to more information about the child.

The little blue (i) info icons contain special information about the section you are viewing.

You will navigate the website using tabs, links, and boxes.

Tabs are across the top of the page. My Account is the starting page once you log in. You can return to that point by selecting the tab My Account whenever it is visible.

The Child/School Selected tab displays the child’s name, rate, and number of units that you have selected to sponsor.

The About Us tab explains the mission of the Child Sponsorship program.

The FAQ tab takes you here! The information is organized by Topic. When you click on the topic, questions about that topic are presented. Clicking on the question reveals the answer(s).


Sponsor’s Contact Information

If you change your email address, then the new email address will be used when you log into the system from then on.  The password will be the same.

You can change your personal contact information on the Your Sponsor Info page. To get there, click on the My Account tab which will bring up your account. Click on your name (link) which will take you to Your Sponsor Info page. Click on the “Edit/Update” link. Make your information changes. Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Sponsoring a Child or School

Yes, they would love to hear from you! Send pictures!!! Let them know that you are praying for them.

Please follow the following guidelines when writing to your sponsored child or school.  Guidelines for Letter Writing

When sending letters to the office, if the envelope does not fit through the mail slot inside the post office, it will require extra postage.

Timing – letters are sent to the field during EOM processing. If you are sending Birthday or Christmas cards, please send them to the office 1-2 months before the special date.

Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.

Make sure that the information in billing details is correct.

Adjust Payment Frequency if desired. If you have multiple pledges, you may have different frequencies for each pledge. However, they will all need to be the same pay type – either AutoPay or Check.

Review the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Click on “Start Sponsorship”.

Yes, you will get a picture of the children you sponsor.

To meet rules established in some areas to protect children, we are not posting their photographs online. You will receive an actual photo of the child and additional information in the mail after your pledge has been set up.

You may support 1 or more children and/or 1 or more schools.

If you are a new sponsor, you will select a child/school from the entry page. For current sponsors, you will select the “Sponsor another Child/School” button at the bottom of the Your Sponsor Info page to see the pictures of available students and schools.

Clicking on the child’s picture takes you to their profile. The profile includes their monthly support amount and some information about the child. Click on “Sponsor” box to see additional information about the child. Clicking on the second “Sponsor” box will take you to the Selection page. You can also reach this page by selecting the Child/School Selected tab.

For most children, 1 pledge unit is sufficient to provide monetary support for their schooling. However, in a few of the fields, students live on the campus and need more monetary support so may need 5 or more units. In this situation, a sponsor may choose to support more than 1 unit for a student. Select the ‘Update’ button if you make changes to the units number.

If you decide not to select the child that is displayed, clicking the X button to the left of the child’s name will delete the child from your selection.

Supporting a Pledge

You have the option to reprint your receipt for any payment made since March 2020. The receipt will be sent to you by email.

Your pledge listing is found under your contact information on the Your Sponsor Info page. Clicking on the “Pledge ID” link will take you to details for that pledge on the Sponsorship Details page.

Frequency of payment is set up per pledge and can be different from your other pledges.

Your frequency of payment can be changed on the Sponsorship Details page for your pledge.

EOM = end of month closing when money & correspondence are sent to the field. This typically is conducted the last Wednesday of the month unless that date is a holiday, then the following business day. If you have insufficient funds to cover the current month’s support and your check is not received and processed by that date, your account will be overdue.

On the Sponsorship Details page, in the Current Pledge Balance section, the Balance is the amount that will be remaining at the EOM closing of the current month. The Balance is available to cover future months’ support. Divide the Balance by your monthly support amount to determine how many months will be covered before you need to send more money.

If you are paying quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, you will receive a reminder letter that it is time to send more money or that a withdrawal will be made for AutoPay. If you pay monthly, your receipt is your reminder to pay the next month.


Yes you can. It is recommended that gifts not exceed $20 to $25 per gift for a child and $80 to $100 for a school. Gift money is tax deductible.

Monetary gifts should be sent 2 months before the special day in order to arrive in time. Money is sent to the field during EOM processing. Money that is sent early will be held at the field until the appropriate time.

Please do not send packages as this requires additional expense on our side.

Monetary gifts may be processed through AutoPay. This money will be withdrawn from your account on the 20th of the month. You may also send a check to the office. Support and gifts may be included on the same check. Please indicate the amount and type of gift.

In some fields the money for Christmas and birthdays is pooled together for parties that include all of the children so that no one is left out.


When you select Save Changes, the “I authorize HarvestCall to process AutoPay (ACH draft) using my account” message changes to “Date Authorized: YYYY-MM-DD”.

To make changes to AutoPay, go to the My Sponsor Info page, click on the “Edit/Update” link. At Pay Method, click on “Enter Setup” to access your AutoPay information and make the changes. Check the authorize box again.

Yes, you may choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

No, the system has converted your ePay account to AutoPay. You do not need to do anything else.

You will need your Account Type (Checking or Savings), Bank Routing Number, and Account Number.

You can set up AutoPay after Checkout or from the Your Sponsor Info page. Go to the My Sponsor Info page, click on the “Edit/Update” link. At Pay Method, select AutoPay and click on “Enter Setup” to complete your AutoPay information. Check the authorize box.

No, you do not. If you are a current sponsor, you may continue to pay by check through the office. If you have been paying by ePay, it has become AutoPay in the new system.

If you are a new sponsor, you may choose to pay by check or to set up AutoPay.

AutoPay enables automatic withdrawal of funds from your checking or savings account on a regular basis as determined by the frequency you have chosen for paying your support money.