Pay with Credit Card


You will click the button above to open the payment form, but first learn how to fill out the form correctly by reading the instructions below.

You can use this form to send payment for SUPPORT or for one-time gifts for Christmas or birthday. You can make a payment “recurring” which means it will happen automatically every month. Or you can make a regular one-time payment. (Ignore the Login/Signup links highlighted in red.)

  1. Enter the amount to give
  2. Select Support, Birthday or Christmas Gift. If this is a one-time gift, un-check the Recurring box
  3. If you are paying Support, leave the Recurring box checked and select “every month.” Or, if you want to pay annually un-check the Recurring box enter the amount for the entire year.
  4. The form requires that you enter your first name, last name and email address
  5. Continue with your payment info below.

  1. Enter your credit card info
  2. Enter the Pledge ID for the child you are sponsoring (highlighted in green, probably not “12345”)
  3. You can ignore the Remember Me section highlighted in red
  4. Click the large Green Give button
  5. Note that by leaving the “Cover Fees” box checked, you will pay the credit card fee (about 3% of the total) instead of Harvest Call paying it. For example, a $30 amount will be increased by about 1 dollar.

Thank you!