Terms & Conditions

By using this website you agree to:

1. Use this site only for the purposes of administering your sponsorship of a child or school.
2. Use a strong password (suggestion is 8 characters with a mix of upper and lower case, numbers, and a special character or two). This is very important to help safeguard your information.
3. Make all efforts to keep your confidential information, especially banking information, private from anyone who may be in the vicinity when you are on the site.
4. If you use AutoPay, you agree to keep sufficient funds in the account to ensure payments clear without issue.
5. Give us grace and mercy if glitches or problems arise. Please promptly communicate any issues to childsponsorship@harvestcall.org. Understand that we’ll do our best to swiftly correct any issues.
6. Understanding that we are a charitable organization, you agree not to pursue legal action should issues arise.
7. Some of our Field Organizations (currently Mexico primarily) are very sensitive to exposing pictures and locations of sponsored children. You agree to not publicly expose that information. Unfortunately, we live in a sin-sick world and there are predators who are monitoring social media and other sources of information to the harm of our sponsored children.

We agree to:

1. Provide self-help resources to make your sponsorship a blessing and remove administrative hassles where we can. Make suggestions for improvements…we’re listening.
2. Utilize industry-standard security and password protection to ensure your confidential information is kept confidential. We will always do our best to protect your data. Please do understand that hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and we cannot guarantee that the site will not be hacked, potentially exposing your information.
3. Handle your funds with the utmost care to provide support to those who badly need it.
We chose to keep these terms brief and avoid legalese. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to childsponsorship@harvestcall.org.