Where do I find a listing of my pledges?

Your pledge listing is found under your contact information on the Your Sponsor Info page. Clicking on the “Pledge ID” link will take you to details for that pledge on the Sponsorship Details page.

What is EOM and how does it impact my payment?

EOM = end of month closing when money & correspondence are sent to the field. This typically is conducted the last Wednesday of the month unless that date is a holiday, then the following business day. If you have insufficient funds to cover the current month’s support and your check is not received and processed by that date, your account will be overdue.

How can I tell when my pledge support is due?

On the Sponsorship Details page, in the Current Pledge Balance section, the Balance is the amount that will be remaining at the EOM closing of the current month. The Balance is available to cover future months’ support. Divide the Balance by your monthly support amount to determine how many months will be covered before you need to send more money.

If you are paying quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, you will receive a reminder letter that it is time to send more money or that a withdrawal will be made for AutoPay. If you pay monthly, your receipt is your reminder to pay the next month.