Can I write to my child/school?

Yes, they would love to hear from you! Send pictures!!! Let them know that you are praying for them.

Please follow the following guidelines when writing to your sponsored child or school.  Guidelines for Letter Writing

When sending letters to the office, if the envelope does not fit through the mail slot inside the post office, it will require extra postage.

Timing – letters are sent to the field during EOM processing. If you are sending Birthday or Christmas cards, please send them to the office 1-2 months before the special date.

How do I complete the sponsorship?

Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.

Make sure that the information in billing details is correct.

Adjust Payment Frequency if desired. If you have multiple pledges, you may have different frequencies for each pledge. However, they will all need to be the same pay type – either AutoPay or Check.

Review the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Click on “Start Sponsorship”.

How do I select a child or school to sponsor?

If you are a new sponsor, you will select a child/school from the entry page. For current sponsors, you will select the “Sponsor another Child/School” button at the bottom of the Your Sponsor Info page to see the pictures of available students and schools.

Clicking on the child’s picture takes you to their profile. The profile includes their monthly support amount and some information about the child. Click on “Sponsor” box to see additional information about the child. Clicking on the second “Sponsor” box will take you to the Selection page. You can also reach this page by selecting the Child/School Selected tab.

For most children, 1 pledge unit is sufficient to provide monetary support for their schooling. However, in a few of the fields, students live on the campus and need more monetary support so may need 5 or more units. In this situation, a sponsor may choose to support more than 1 unit for a student. Select the ‘Update’ button if you make changes to the units number.

If you decide not to select the child that is displayed, clicking the X button to the left of the child’s name will delete the child from your selection.