How do I navigate between pages?

You will navigate from page to page by clicking on links.

Links could be colored or colored and underlined. After you log in, you will be on the My Account page. Click on your name link. That will take you to the Your Sponsor Info page.

You can also navigate to another page by clicking on a box that contains a link. For example, clicking on the “Sponsor” box under the child’s picture will take you to more information about the child.

The little blue (i) info icons contain special information about the section you are viewing.

How do I navigate around the website?

You will navigate the website using tabs, links, and boxes.

Tabs are across the top of the page. My Account is the starting page once you log in. You can return to that point by selecting the tab My Account whenever it is visible.

The Child/School Selected tab displays the child’s name, rate, and number of units that you have selected to sponsor.

The About Us tab explains the mission of the Child Sponsorship program.

The FAQ tab takes you here! The information is organized by Topic. When you click on the topic, questions about that topic are presented. Clicking on the question reveals the answer(s).